What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing can be called a technology through which things like software, processing, and data storage are outsourced. It let the users pay a certain fee and access their application and files using login details from a variety of devices. There is only a need for an internet connection and a compatible device for using a cloud computing service. It is one of the most efficient methods for giving access to lots of computing resources.

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Have a look at the important characteristics that are common for all the cloud computing service providers mentioned below:

  • Cloud vendor is the authority who managed the back-end of the application, including hardware.
  • There is only a need for paying services like processing time, bandwidth, memory, etc. by the subscribers.
  • All the services provided by the vendors are highly scalable.

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Why cloud computing is a better option when compared with other platforms?

There is confusion among the users whether to opt for cloud computing or not. If you are one of them, then please read this complete section. Cloud computing is a brilliant technology that makes sure one has to worry about storing data. Let’s check out the major reasons why cloud computing is a perfect option to choose.

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  • Highly scalable and flexible

The applications based on the cloud can be customized according to needs. Things like bandwidth, storage, and power can be changed for matching the preference of users.

  • Low-cost solution

It is a highly cost-effective solution for business as they have to pay for things what they use every month. In fact, they can save money as there won’t be any need for hardware and electricity.

  • Faster and secure

The service is provided through a network that spread globally. It results in upgrading the service to maximum efficiency and performance.

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  • Global Access

There is no need for any particular device from storing applications and data. In fact, you can access it from any part of the world that boost real-time collaboration with the help of remote teams.

Cloud computing FAQs

Look at the major questions that came in users mind about cloud computing:

  • Which type of businesses can use this service?

Although it is perfect for a variety of industries, but the ones who will hugely benefit from it are customer relationship management, inventory control, accounting, and human resources.

  • How is secure cloud?

As we all know, there are issues in all types of systems, but still, the cloud offers more security than storing information in a traditional drive. There are chances to a drive getting corrupted that can result in harming the data. On the other hand, the data stored in the cloud is encrypted and backed up continuously.

  • How to shift things to the cloud?

The data is delivered over the internet to the cloud that makes things convenient for the users. The only thing to care about is bandwidth as it is the core component of the cloud.

So it was all about what is cloud computing, if you have any questions then please comment below.