7 Disadvantages of (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

7 Disadvantages of (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service: The majority of people believe that IaaS cloud computing model only possesses advantages, but that’s not the reality. IaaS is fully abbreviated as Infrastructure as a Service is a popular platform that offers virtualized computing solutions to the users with the help of the internet.

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Disadvantages of (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

However, we will explain about the disadvantages of (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service in this post. Let’s check out them in detail below:

1. Virtual Machine Straggle Issues

One of the most common issues associated with this cloud computing technology is regarding the security updates & patches. This platform lets the users work with virtual machines for doing certain operations.

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Although these patches are removed & security updates are performed by the cloud provider, but one has to keep in mind that this process is pretty intense & complex.

2. No Security Control

Another common problem that the enterprises have to face with IaaS is that it doesn’t offer any control to them over the security.

The service level agreement needs to be understood carefully for understanding the security problems in the IaaS environment.

3. Limited Expansion

The third common disadvantage of an IaaS has pretty limited expansion ability in terms of geography. The complete infrastructure is owned by the vendor as the enterprise doesn’t have a role in it.

It can turn out to be a great problem for the enterprise in certain conditions.

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4. Technical Issues

No doubt businesses don’t have to worry regarding the maintenance of their platforms in IaaS technology, but still, there are chances of experiencing things related to downtime.

Access to data & applications gets greatly restricted due to this downtime problem. As we all know that the platforms depend on the internet, the things will become difficult for employees of the company who work in remote areas.

5. Flexibility Lacking

The software is maintained by the service providers in this cloud environment. There are many chances where vendors don’t update them to the new versions.

It results in creating flexibility issues in the system that can be a problem for many users.

6. Distraction from the main business

There are tons of instances where IaaS result in confusing the organization & they get distracted from their core businesses.

Some make necessary arrangements to make sure that doesn’t happen, but still, it has commonly seen in the industry.

7. Compatibility with safety susceptibilities

IaaS is a very useful technology that let the users run the legacy software in the infrastructure of a cloud provider. However, it result in opening lots of security susceptibilities of legacy application that needs to keep in mind.

Dealing with this problem isn’t a difficult problem, but still it is a disadvantage of IaaS that needs to keep in mind.

As you have seen, cloud computing has certain disadvantages that organizations need to take care of. Do you still believe that we have missed something in this post? If yes, then why don’t you write in the comment section or email us on the official address.

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