Cloud Computing Salary: Are you still not clear about whether to choose cloud computing as a career or not? The most important thing that the majority of people look while choosing a career is salary, and the same goes for this one. We believe that you are looking to know the average cloud computing salary. Congrats, you have reached the perfect place where our team is going to talk about it in detail.

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Cloud Computing Salary In Various Countries

We will start the discussion by telling you about a rough average figure. After researching data in various countries like India, USA, Canada, Uk from Different companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM etc. Our team found that the average cloud engineer salary range from US$ 100,000 to US$ 150. It even moves up to US$ 250,000 in certain cases depending upon the experience.

What are the latest cloud computing trends?

As per recent trends from IDC, an average industry spends more than half of their total money on cloud in 2019. It is highly speculated that the spending will increases to nearly 65% by 2020, including software, technology, & services. We believe that it is enough for providing a picture of things to expect on cloud computing in next few years.

There is a huge possibility that some might not be still convinced about these statistics. If you are one of them, then please check out the following statistics:

  • Nearly 30% of the companies are utilizing over $6 million annually on the public cloud. On the other hand, more than 50% of the companies are spending over US$ 1.2 million every year on it.
  • In 2018, there are 20% of organizations who planned to double their spending on the public cloud. That’s not all, over 70% are looking to spend over 20% money on it.

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What are the major reasons for the increase in demand?

There is a great sort of reasons that have caused surge in the demand of cloud. We have explained the major ones below:

  • A huge level of flexibility offered by the cloud computing for proper utilization of resources.
  • It result in making things affordable for the organizations
  • There is a lower level of risk associated with cloud computing.
  • It provides data integrity & security to the system
  • This technology provides pretty streamlined collaboration in the network.

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What are the salaries offered by some main recruiters?

Have you ever thought which the major organizations who appoint cloud engineers are? Let’s have a look at the major American recruiters & average salaries they offer:

Organizations Average Salary (annually)
Resolute Technologies US$ 170K
VMware US$ 160K
Amazon US$ 135K
Accenture Cloud Engineer US$ 127K
Microsoft Cloud Engineer US$ 114K

We believe that you have got a brief idea about what kind of salaries are offered to cloud computing engineers? So, if you are looking to make career in cloud computing, then don’t wait. It is one of the best technologies whose trend is growing on the continuous basis. Still, have a query regarding cloud computing salary? If yes, then write to us in the comment section!

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