What are the major examples of IaaS? Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a managed computing model that has quickly gained ranks & explored by well-known companies. This service is charged on the utility model and asks the customers to pay what they use.

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7 Examples of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Explained

Here, we are going to explain the top 7 major examples of IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) in detail below:

  1. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a perfect example of IaaS cloud computing can be explored. It is owned by well-known platform like Amazon & commonly known with name of AWS among the community. It is a bundled remote computing that provides cloud computing structure using the internet.

The service provided by this platform is very useful for backups & data discovery. AWS has given a tough competition to the Microsoft Azure & Google since 2015.

  1. Joyent

Joyent is an accomplished software company controlled by Samsung Group. Based in San Francisco, this platform has harness IaaS technology quite wonderfully. The main service offered by this company is Triton that they offer to lots of larger companies.

This company is very active in the world of internet social network gaming serving platforms like Traffic Marketplace, Social Game Universe, and THQ.

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  1. Digital Ocean

The next option in this list that we want to mention is Digital Ocean who is known for offering their services to the developers. They offer the required tools to the users to give them the liberty to operate virtual servers in the cloud.

The major features of this provider are SSD performance, quick network, simple API, and faster deployment.

  1. Google Compute Engine

The list about examples of IaaS can’t get completed without mentioning the name of Google Compute Engine. It is a highly scalable virtual machine that gives access to developers for operating large-scale workloads.

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There is a great sort of features offered by the services of this platform from Google. It includes efficient networking, flexible & friendly global network, Google infrastructure backup, and highly scalable performance.

  1. HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure

The IaaS service offered by HP Converged Infrastructure is one of the popular ones in the world of cloud computing. The key feature of their service is the cost that is pretty low when compared to other platforms.

They offer flexible plans that begin from a very low price & go at a very price.

  1. IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise

The next well-known cloud provider is the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise that provides core compute & storage solutions. It is perfect for companies who control many developers & testers. It is great software that offers complete security to the administrators in the organization.

Managing this software is quite easier even for a complete beginner or novice.

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  1. Cisco Metapod

Cisco Metapod is a fully managed IaaS solution that offers a programmable infrastructure. They were previously known with the name of MetaPod OpenStack. This company is a perfect example of IaaS.

This organization is a managed platform who offers seamless scalability & quicker adoption to the users.

So it was all about Examples of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) with explanation. If you liked then please comment below which one you like the most.