What are the major examples of SaaS?: Since its launch, the Software as a Service has gained a great sort of popularity in the business community. It is also popular with the name of on-demand software due to its ability to eliminate the normal software installation. There are many well-known business companies who have employed this technology for making things convenient & easier for their team.

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6 Examples of Software as a Service (SaaS)

In this post, we are going to tell about the top 6 real-life examples of SaaS in detail. It will help the readers to understand this technology in a better way.

  1. Skubana

We will begin things with the integrated inventory management solution, named Skubana. It is used by those internet retailers who sell their stuff using various distribution channels. This high-quality inventory management solution helps the retailers to ensure that they don’t oversell their stock.

It is classy cloud-based software that may be available at a little bit high priced, but the end result is quite wonderful.

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  1. Microsoft Office 365

The launching of the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 has result in expanding the parameters of Office suite to a great extent. It is impressive SaaS software that develops, and share stuff from a variety of means that include Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS, among others.

It can be very handy software for a range of tools that include video conferencing, email, and many more.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is well-known online store that allows the users to create their online e-commerce stores. They can begin selling stuff in a matter of hours. The process to set up a store is quite convenient & easier, even for a beginner.

This platform offers a great sort of features like online catalog, shopping cart, & payment integration. That’s not all, it provides customization options with the help of free as well as paid plugins.

  1. Zendesk

If you are looking for a centralized way for managing customer support tickets, then the Zendesk is the most appropriate platform to choose. Having this software will ensure there is no need to fill up support boxes & losing emails.

On top of that, this software helps the users to control customer support requests in a better way. It is a very useful SaaS solution in a variety of organizations.

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  1. Freshdesk

The next SaaS software equipped with a great sort of features that include a knowledge base, community platform, help desk ticketing. The support emails can turn into tickets allowing the users to track rapid & accurate responses.

Things like phone support, live chat & game mechanics are integrated into Freshdesk. It is compatible with legacy productivity tools with ease.

  1. FreshBooks

The FreshBooks is brilliant software that helps in budgeting, planning & similar operations. It is a very useful option for people looking to control their expenses. Apart from credit & bank accounts, this solution let the users manage their unaccounted expenses.

Overall, it is brilliant software that provides one of the most brilliant examples of SaaS cloud computing.

So it was all about Examples of Software as a service (Saas) in cloud computing, if you have question then please comment below.