Definite Guide How Does Cloud computing works?

How Does cloud computing works? Cloud computing is an incredible technology that offers tons of services to users. Have you ever thought about how does cloud computing works? Many of our readers have requested us for giving information about the working process of this technology. If you have a similar query, then this post needs your full attention. Here, we will give you pretty useful information about this perspective.

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Definite Guide How Does Cloud Computing Works?

The working of cloud computing involves internet connection through which users can get access and even download data from a variety of devices like tablet, desktop, mobile phone, or laptop. Besides accessing, the cloud let the users edit documents at the same time with many users without any need to coming office. The prices are set according to the particular needs of the users.

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What is the working model of cloud computing?

The working environment of cloud computing is divided into two major sections, i.e., front end and back end. There is a solid connection maintained by both of these sections with each other through the internet. Let us explain to you about both of them in detail below:

  • Front End Architecture

From the front end, we mean the area used by the computer user. It includes the computer network maintained by the client. The Front End architecture is used by the majority of working IT professionals. Some premier examples of the front end are local networks, Gmail, and web browsers.

This architecture is divided into three different parts- software, user interface, and client network. The software let the cloud computing to run from the side of the client and nowadays found as a client-side application. On the other side, the user interface is the pathway using which users can perform tasks on the cloud network. The third part client network is an integral component that includes hardware and other input devices.

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  • Back-end architecture

Back-end can be defined as the architecture through which front-end get power. It consists of major parts in the system like hardware & storage. The location of this architecture is normally found in a server farm. The caretaker of back-end architecture is cloud provider who offers access to the cloud software. 

A greater number of cloud providers have robust backend architecture. The reason behind that is the continuous uptime with pretty less latency. The major components of back-end architecture are the application, cloud run-time, storage, and service. The application can be referred as the interface that provided to the end along with coordinating the various requirements of users. The service is the main component of back-end architecture that offers the utility and used for performing a tremendous sort of tasks as well as functions.


The cloud runtime is the component where the service is operated. It is created using the virtualization software and known with the name of Hypervisors. Some common types of Hypervisors are Oracle VM, VMWare Fusion, and Oracle Virtual Box. The fourth component storage is the one where all the data in cloud computing is saved.

So it was all about how does cloud computing work.

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