Major Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Major Characteristics of Cloud Computing:  Understanding the characteristics of cloud computing is important for employing this technology adequately. It is a brilliant model that provides the on-demand access to a pool of computing resources that include applications, servers, networks, and many more. Since its launching, it is continuously growing in terms of popularity and functionality.

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Major Characteristics of Cloud Computing

There are five major characteristics of cloud computing that we have mentioned in detail below:

  • On-demand self-service

The resources in cloud computing can be provisioned without any need for human interaction through the service provider. In simple words, it means additional services can be demanded according to the requirement.

It can be using virtual machine instances, a storage space, database instances, and many more. The usage can be changed for the convenience of the users.

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  • Broad Network Access

As we have explained multiple times on this platform, the resources of cloud computing can be accessed using a great variety of customer platforms. On top of that, they stay available across the network.  In simple language, the resources are available across the network, primarily internet or private cloud.

Some important aspects of cloud computing are network bandwidth and latency. They are related to QoS on the network. It is an important characteristic that fulfills the sensitive manufacturing applications. This thing needs to be taken seriously by the users.

  • Resource Pooling

The computing resources of a certain user in cloud computing is pooled by the provider for serving a great variety of customers through a model where the assigning process of various physical and virtual resources is performed.

Some premier examples of the resources are a memory, storage, processing, network bandwidth, and many more. The customer doesn’t have the exact knowledge about the right location of the available resources.

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  • Rapid Elasticity and Scalability

Another perfect thing about the cloud computing is its power to provision the resources at a rapid rate. Furthermore, they have the ability to remove them whenever required. The resources in this technology can be scaled up or down according to the requirements of the business. For many people, it is the main reason for using the cloud computing services. It means the capacity and usage can be increased or decreased without any extra conditions.

The expenditure for the cloud from the side of the customer gets reduced with the scalability of cloud computing. The reason behind that is the extra computing resources are need by the cloud customers. They are allowed to make a provision at any time as per their demands.

  • Measured Service

The cloud computing resources are measured by the service provider, and companies have to pay according to the usage. The users can optimize the resource utilization by using certain tools. In simple words, it means that the usage can be monitored and calculated by the provider.

According to the usage of the users, the service provider will charge money. It can be different every month and changed according to the demands of users.