3 Types of Cloud Computing Services with Advantages

3 Types of Cloud Computing Services with Advantages? Cloud computing is one of the most amazing technologies that has made life easier for users. It delivers computing power over the network avoiding the traditional method of saving files at a particular location. This technology is available in a variety of variants about which you should know.

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Types of Cloud Computing Services with Advantages

Check out the major types of cloud computing below in detail:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

One of the most common versions of cloud computing is IaaS that abbreviated Infrastructure as a Service that generally offered to the businesses.

Things like storages, data center space, servers, and cloud networking components can be outsourced with this technology. It is connected through the internet giving better functionalities than on-premises services.

Some major platforms using the IaaS are Microsoft Azure, GoGrid, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon EC2, and Rack Space. This type of cloud computing allows users to rent the architecture themselves, including data center space, software, and services.


  • The distribution of resources likes hard disk, storage, or even CPU cores are performed as a service in this cloud computing type.
  • This technology is perfect for users who are looking to expand their business according to the requirements.
  1. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The base of this computing technology is created on Iaas where cloud vendors deliver the computing services. It includes both cloud software and hardware infrastructures parts such as middleware and operating systems that used for creating and testing applications.

Using this technology, users are allowed to develop business analytics applications, installing data sets, and even creating tools. It is known for adding convenience in the system.

That’s not all; it let them build and maintain the required set of hardware without a problem. There are tons of platforms who are operating on the Paas structure like Microsoft Azure, Oracle, OpenShift, Heroku, Google App Engine, and Salesforce.


  • This type of cloud computing helps in reducing the cost of the operating system as there is no need for buying hardware and independent tools.
  • There is a greater level of scalability offered by PaaS for both an organization and individuals.
  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

The third major type of cloud computing is Software as a Service (Saas), where the users get a complete product controlled by the service provider. It is also known as end-user applications in the majority of cases.

The main reason people go for this technology is no need to worry about the maintenance of service.

The most incredible thing this type is both the Iaas and Paas incorporated in it. Some premier examples of SaaS are Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Pardot Marketing Automation, Google G Suite, and App Dynamics.


  • This technology work as software that makes things easier for users. The only thing needed is a stable internet connection and a computer device.
  • The upgrade process of present software and hardware is quite easier in this technology without the involvement of any trouble.

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